The plant originated in Australia and New Guinea and is often utilized as a houseplant or ornamental garden plant. Dwarf chenille grows about 6 inches tall and will grow - and flower - in almost any light, full sun to part shade. While the entire thing is harmful, the easy-to-access seeds are especially dangerous. Chenille Plant is a tropical shrub in the spurge family that grows 4-6 feet tall and 5-8 feet wide and has long drooping pendant flowers up to 18 inches long with a long bloom season. Check for leaf discoloration. Something else to be aware of: like its cousin the poinsettia (and other members of the euphorbia family), chenille plants are mildly toxic if ingested, for people as well as animals. Handling the plant excessively can cause skin irritation and ingesting it can cause minor stomach upset. Cats are especially prone to contact with the plant because they enjoy batting its long, dangling blossoms. Scales and mealybugs can also be problems. Oxalates: The juice or sap of these plants contains needle-shaped oxalate crystals. A miniature version of the chenille plant shrub, this low grower is excellent in containers and hanging baskets, and in planters to let it cascade down a wall. Chenile plant poisoning: The chenille plant is a shrub which bears a long thin stem of red flowers. A naturally upright growing tropical shrub that is close kin to the Copper Plant, the Giant Chenille … The flowers tend to be brighter red in sunnier spots. Once the plant has further developed and grown, repot it carefully in rich, well-draining potting soil. Red spider mites can be a problem, particularly when the plant is kept inside. Neutral: On Apr 16, 2004, smiln32 from Oklahoma City, OK (Zone 7a) wrote: In NC it can be grown as an annual bedding plant or a house plant because it cannot survive our winters outdoors. ... Maroon Chenille Plant Chenille Plant is toxic, which is another great reason to grow your plant in a hanging basket or on a plant stand. The Giant Chenille Plant produces up to 18" long, drooping, fuzzy, scarlet catkins throughout the warmer months of the year or year round under warm warm tropical conditions. The Chenille Plants grow rapidly with good water and fertilizer. Avoid contamination by wearing gloves and covering your skin. Plants Toxic to Dogs. Plant specs. The sap from the plant contains diterpene esters which can cause symptoms if … Minor Toxicity: Ingestion of these plants may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea. Rhododendron Rhododendron species Nausea, vomiting, depression, difficulty breathing and … Acalypha (chenille plant, copperleaf) - skin & eye irritant; poisonous Acokanthera (bushman’s poison) - poisonous These palms contain cycasin, which is a chemical that attacks the liver. Adam-and-Eve (Arum, Lord-and-Ladies, Wake Robin, Starch Root, Bobbins, Cuckoo Plant) ... Maroon Chenille Plant (Blue Echeveria, Painted Lady, Copper Rose, Wax Rosette, Plush Plant) | Scientific Names: Echeveria derenbergii | Family: Crassulaceae . All these plants are safe to grow provided they are treated with respect. The catkins are very tempting for kids to play with and cats to swat at. While it's a well-loved plant both indoors and out, it's a very toxic plant all around. Remember, they are ornamental plants, often very beautiful - they are not meant to be eaten. These crystals can irritate the skin, mouth, tongue, and throat, resulting in throat swelling, breathing difficulties, burning pain, and stomach upset. The chenille plant is poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Cherry laurel Prunus laurocerasus ... Red-ink plant Phytolacca americana Toxic if eaten, causing nausea and vomiting. Major Toxicity: These plants may cause serious illness or death. Chenille Plant Acalypha hispida Cherry (kernels) Prunus species Kernels contain cyanide.

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