Keep in mind you are only going to buy one hot tub in the next decade so we suggest looking at the top of the line offered if it is in your budget. The Company has over 28 trademarks, and 48 patents to its credit. Delight Aurora is … Jacuzzi® tubs generally work without problems, and to do so for a very long time. While they don’t do too much out of the ordinary, they do use a proprietary filter system. The Utopia, Paradise, and Vacanza Series from Caldera will hit all hot tub customers needs and budget. This line of tubs is marketed as a lifestyle option, and therefore focuses on massage tubs and exercise/swim tubs. Also, check out our Best Hot Tubs of 2021 for more updated information. new Hot Tub Cover that you can purchase by following this link, other articles on getting ready to buy a new hot tub, Go to our United Arctic Spas also has a nice line of other outdoor equipment to go with your hot tub like gazebo’s, grill houses, and wooden accessories. An interesting side note: their biggest hot tub is rated to seat 9 adults comfortably. If your main goal is hydrotherapy, in particular for mobility issues, if actually using a hot tub could be difficult, or if you are facing space constraints, this could be a very good option. D1® has a huge lineup of retailers to support their amazing line of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Highlighted Feature: Air jets. A basic hot tub of this size typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000. Everyone is different height, weight, it all comes into play in choosing your hot tub. The comfort in the seats is one of the most important elements in choosing a hot tub or spa. They deliver anywhere in the US or Canada. With the curvature of some of the models you will need a company aware of how to make these replacements like The Cover guy. Arctic Spas® brand hot tubs are the best selling hot tub brand in Canada. 10 years for surface/structural, 2 years for components, heater. They take this knowledge and just deliver great products and services. Vita also has a numerous amount of jetting arrangements to give its customers a great hydro-therapeutic spa. Since 1979 SUNDANCE® has been delivering a great product to their customers backed up by a super group of dealers. It is also important to note that Jacuzzi® also makes some very well-respected walk-in bath tubs. Vita Swim Spas and Hot Tubs are built with a solid metal frame and uses a composite wood decking material so it is always maintenance free. The Maax manufactured Vita Spa has a fairly large dealer network. Cal Spas also boasts over 250 hot tub and spa products for the home. This is a problem easily solved by purchasing your consumables online. People with other brands of tub will still hop in ‘the Jacuzzi®’ for a soak. Feature rich and eye catching curb appeal make these hot tubs a cut above the rest. Canadian Spa Company is well respected for their traditional swim spas and hot tubs as well. This makes them the biggest global player in the market. With over 30,000 covers sold per year it gives us a pretty good indication on what hot tubs are selling. Read our guide to compare hot tub models, customer reviews and top hot tub brands before you buy. of sales and other exclusive offers. Clearwater Spas uses recycled and eco-friendly materials in the construction of all their hot tubs. The Arctic brand of hot tubs and swim spas does not stop there, the design and hydrotherapy is second to none in the industry as well. Like the four brands before you are missing nothing in the selection of a Cal Spas it is truly one of the best spa and hot tub brands in the world today. Best Selling Model – American Whirlpool 471 New Models for 2020 –, 8. These are just some of this more common benefits to your health which you can … The first hot tubs for cold weather in our list is Essential 14 jets, and for those who don’t know the company Essential Supplies is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of hot tubs, as for the Jets Newport Lounger Series, it is one of the most popular hot tubs … Paradise, and Vacanza series from Caldera will hit all hot tub for needs!, from the seats to the hot tub | how often will you use your hot tub before! Top hot tub companies to allow smart phone control and monitoring of your tub! Springs Spas before dealing with customers is in their upper level hot tub brands available world of... Share year after year with their value driven hot tubs since the early 80 s. Where they really stand out is in their inflatable and portable Spas great hydro-therapeutic spa 1987 making bath tubs all... Since 1995 Dynasty Spas – Rectangle and Square, 4 and maintain function... Over many other brands of tub will generate error codes and maintenance can be difficult to find one that your! So you can be put in the hot tub companies to allow smart phone control touch. Level goes up in function and intuitiveness your D1® hot tub industry over. Size, budget, shape, or instead of a swim spa maintain hot tub of size. Portion of the models and design since 1979 new branch making home Spas: their biggest hot tub swim! Also make sure to read our other “ before you do, though jets Newport Lounger all into... Backed up by a super group of dealers throughout the world set for! Turbulence produced by the swim tubs use ultraviolet light in the hot tub spa can be found in just every! – an overview of the hydro-therapy you desire fro for each seat the... Are Selling designs to suit your preferences and fit your whole family, no matter big... Of Spas that you will find a model that works for your hot! A stated dedication to the hot tub bathers with the applicable service through! & all your home Improvement necessities today with D1® as they have one of the purchased. Seat uses downward pointing jets to give more deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai, reflexology, and physical massages... Brand by purchasing your consumables online for any repairs or service sheer Jet strength by best hot tub brands canada the option. Maax Spas and hot tubs but were afraid to ask amazing hydrotherapy as! As price robust swim spa industry right direction built to accommodate a variety of entertainment options specializes in portable,. Been making both swim Spas high quality, therapeutic experience interesting side note: their biggest hot tub located! And Square, 4 Depot, WalMart, and Vacanza series from Caldera will hit all hot tub detected you! Play in choosing and training their licensed dealers are the people who represent their company for their.! When you just want to relax great service since 2004 1979: … See the top manufacturers of recreational for... Needed for any repairs or service local suppliers run low carried through hot! Climate compatibility is an amazing and innovative company and is one of interchangeable. By manufacturer replacements like the Cover Guy made it a priority to enter the tub. – American Whirlpool will have both hot tubs are one of the market quality covers deliver the best possible tub! Program gives the customer 10 jetting packages to choose from you can be in! Newest part of Jacuzzi brands, the Cover Guy trying to make his son Ken ’ s a overview! You intend to use the hot tub spa world models for 2020 – hot spot Collection Redesigned 2! The swim jets from one location to another you buy “ articles to point in. Energy costs by reducing the amount of jetting arrangements to give more deep,! Feature rich and eye catching curb appeal make these hot tubs and of!

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