I had burned myself out by pushing too hard and playing beyond where I was comfortable. Many pieces are so complex, there is only one way the right hand can make it work. This keeps the sound quality consistent throughout the bass. This is less of a fingering rule and more of a musical rule. This is why the fingering of some early-level music can be confusing. ________________ This makes the A finger (ring finger) closer to the ground and the I finger (pointer/index) closer to the ceiling. 19 – Scale Etude (alternating i-m) for Classical Guitar from my technique book 20 Favorite Exercises (with TAB) but you… No. This course is just what I needed, and I am happy to be back on the road to playing again. Lesson: Right Hand Stability, stopping the right from bouncing while playing.This is a Q&A via a YouTube commenter. Use "im", "mi", "ma", "am", "ia", "ai", and perhaps "imam". im, mi, ia, ai, ma, am, ami, mia, ima, pima, amip, pi, ip etc. A good way to think of it is that all the joints of a finger move in the same direction: towards the palm. I got frustrated, and couldn’t see the way forward. In his method Stanley Yates explains this very simply by telling students to practice away from the guitar and hold the hand in a loose fist. To that end, Scott Tennant among others recommend speed bursts. Perhaps 90% or more of classical guitar music is played mainly with this technique. Great for beginners to intermediate players. In a previous post, I mentioned that one should avoid “bad” string crossings. And my hands and body were often sore. Learn to read music and identify notes on the entire neck. First, find exactly where the “issue” is located. Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers. Find the path of least resistance, even though it may still have some trickiness. 3 Julian Byzantine. When most people first start playing classical guitar, it rarely occurs to them to actually plan which right hand finger plays each individual note of piece. As you are first learning the piece, you will naturally be playing slowly, and your focus will be on the left hand (the “squeaky wheel” that demands your attention). Make sure that there’s enough time when the piece is all the way up to speed. If it just doesn’t work out cleanly, do what you have to do. In the same light, don’t stress yourself out about getting everything just perfect. There’s enough work to do as there is. The pattern, "a" "m" "i" is usually done rest stroke. Both add, however, the the large knuckles at the base of the fingers should remains generally over top of the finger tips.2,3. Why? If you input the piece into your brain (and muscle memory) the same way each time, you learn much more quickly. Take the notes of a chord, and play them in sequence rather than all together. (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, inc.). In time, I came to discover a new set of formulas and movements. Christopher Davis founded ClassicalGuitar.org in 2008. That is, just as in the left hand, a “position shift” requires moving the whole arm, wrist and hand as a unit rather than extending or collapsing. This leads to a more “three-dimensional” sound, as if multiple people were playing together. You may have to break one or more of the rules above. Segovia Scales – The Missing Link – How to Master the Right Hand Finger Patterns . To start off with, lets set up our fingers into the default position with the P on the 4 th string (D), i on the 3rds string (G), m on the 2 nd string (B) and a on the 1 st string (E). For maximum speed and control: If you are faced with tough choices, try your best to conform to the rules. Finger Independence. We use cookies to track engagement and help deliver the best experience. I struggled with excess tension. Anthony Glise recomments that, “students practice scales using the same right patterns found in arpeggio studies.”7 I’ve also mention in the right hand fingering guide linked above that using a can help prevent awkward string crossings. The repertoire is filled with short bursts of scales one or two measures long.5. The lesson are free to watch and you can apply these tips to any scale but the examples in the video come from my 20 Favorite Exercises for Classical Guitar (PDF/ Notes/ TAB). Because of this, it’s simpler and more comfortable to play from one string to another maintaining this relationship. No. This video uses the 1st of Segovia’s Scales in the key of C Major. In this video we look at setting up the right hand for classical guitar technique. If you have these three rules in place, you’ll be set in most circumstances. This can be extended further by doing a string crossing to a string two or three strings away (super hard!). We Never Share Your Email. These exercises, No. Things get messy sometimes. Tremolo. A discussion and lesson about right hand stability for classical guitar. This is when we have to roll up our sleeves and do some problem-solving! in Classical Guitar Technique. Again, the align your spine and head with the Y axis and your shoulders with the X axis. The main technique (finger movement) we use to play classical guitar music is arpeggios. Start with 2-3 notes per burst and build up. Stay focused with a guided set of scales and arpeggios that helps you structure your practice and learn the fingerboard. It’s my belief that anyone can play quickly, but more advanced players can play quickly for longer periods of time while staying relaxed. I have played classical guitar for 15 years. You'll find loads of tutorials and resources. Tennant also recommends breaking a scale down into it’s open strings, then practicing only the right hand by playing the open strings exactly as they would be played if the left hand were involved.6 This is especially useful because scales in pieces of music are rarely as neat and tidy as the Segovia Scales or other formula. When you memorize a piece (or anything, really), your brain forms connections, and creates a “formula” to recall it. Now I help guitarists find more comfort and flow in their music, so they play more beautifully. If you’re committed to playing guitar for a lifetime (however leisurely), forming the habit of being intentional with your right hand fingering will serve you well. Thumb-index finger techniques, using the little or pinky finger. There’s always the speculation that flamenco players are so crazy fast because their extensors are better developed due to rasgueado. By continuing to use this site you are consenting to our use of cookies. Click the button to take a step towards an organized, effective guitar practice. While it does indeed take more mental effort to intentionally guide both hands, it’s well worth the trouble. (See my Tech Tip, Anchor Fingers). 60 No. 7 Anthony Glise. The motion of the right hand fingers is ballastic–it’s quick, they explode through a string. Pronounced “ar-pay’-gee-ohs”, these are commonly known as finger-picking patterns. The common rookie mistake. Andrés Segovia blazed many trails for the modern classical guitarist, and one of them was a systematized approach to scale practice. To that end, string crossing can be practiced independently. The more wacky string crossings we insert into a piece, the more likely we are to mess it up. When possible, anchor the right-hand thumb on the guitar or a bass string for stability and as a spatial reference point. “A speed burst is a string of slow notes interrupted by a short burst of fast notes.”4 This can be taken a step further and have a speed burst be a short string of quick notes, then stop and relax. This is … You'll find loads of tutorials and resources. It will be obvious, and easy to stay on. Regarding virtuoso technique, have a look at this: http://www.classicalguitardelcamp.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=69320. They combine many elements of the left and right hand techniques and we can add infinite variations to cater scale … Micro study 35 – right hand scale preparation 3 is part of the – #6stringinspiration – series of short and sweet studies that target very specific ideas. However, if you choose a direct path, and repeatedly travel over that path only, you will quickly create a reliable trail. Do you have other rules you like to live by? Most important, though, he tells us what few guitarist care to admit: we just don’t play a lot of fast scales. Many players, when still early in their musical journey, may fail to see the difference it makes. This is not always the best course of action. Generally, in classical guitar music, the bass line is notated with the note stems pointing down. C’est la vie. Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios - Notation Only with Fingering, String Numbers, and Positions. 6 Ibid., p. 71. One of the best loved of all classical pieces. My music sounded forced. The fingerings may seem arbitrary and needlessly difficult, but they’re there to instill this habit. And it all starts with the thumb! Please take your time to browse and study. Slurs. So below is the fretboard set out with the chords above and each scale system, diatonic or pentatonic, below it. (Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Publishing). Right hand fingerings matter for a couple of reasons. Shifting. If you go a different path each time, you will eventually get something, but it will not likely be straight, and will take a long time. Posted on April 22, 2009 Without doing anything with the left hand we are going to play an arpeggio on the open strings. Bass Stopping. We try to make everything work and come out as tidy as possible. Then, over the next decade, I studied with two stellar teachers – one focused on the technical, and one on the musical (he was a concert pianist). Ignore them at your peril! CAGED is great for memorizing chord progressions and scales, hence why it is an invaluable tool for classical guitarists. Practice quick burst of a few notes after which you immediately place the next finger to play on the next highest or lowest string. Go » ... Scales. ClassicalGuitar.org is your source for all the latest and best classical guitar info on the web. In fact, this can seem like far too much information and a lot of unneccessary work. Many believe that scale practice is the key to virtuosity. 1 Stanley Yates Modern Classical Guitar Method, Grade 1. (Christopher Davis also wrote a bit about this.). this will vary based on your size and the guitar size. When you encounter this challenge, try to start with the rules above. In order to remain as relaxed as possible and go quicker, guitarists make use of finger alternation. Chord Transitioning. Often, the reason these parts are hard is because of inefficient right hand fingerings. Micro Study 35 – Right Hand Scale … Featured piece. The Travis technique was popularized by the American singer-songwriter Merle Travis, who uniquely mastered this technique. A good way to think of it is that all the joints of a finger move in the same direction: towards the palm. If you can separate the parts in your mind, you can work to play them at different volumes and with different phrasing. The more wacky string crossings we insert into a piece, the more likely we are to mess it up. It will usually come down to just one or two notes (a few at most). Chord vs Arpeggio. Such is life. There is no reason to work hard instead of working smart. 4 Tennant. (besides, if you weren’t a glutton for punishment, you wouldn’t be playing the classical guitar!). Scales are fantastic. It should feel like one motion in which you feel only the first and last note–like two big beats: the first is the burst leading to the second beat which is the last note. This allows you to keep a solid hand position 100% of the time. This item is a PDF Download. It then becomes a matter of choosing your poison. for the classical guitar left hand technique. Visit ClassicalGuitar.org for Right Hand Fingering Guide and more from Classical Guitar Technique. (You can do it!). 100% Secure. 6 – Left Hand Slur Exercise: Vertical Builder 1 2 Next Either way, it’s difficult to play beautifully while imitating a sewing machine, or a cat with tape on it’s foot. With the Travis picking technique the right-hand thumb plucks two bass notes on a steady beat while the index, middle and ring finger play the accompaniment on the top strings. Learning a piece is the exact same. Right hand fingerings also make a difference in how you memorize a piece of music on the classical guitar. I practised your system for three days, and it solved the I-M alternation problem I had been struggling with since I undertook classical guitar three years ago. A slow tempos, the fingers can just be relaxed out to starting position. Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers, http://www.classicalguitardelcamp.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=69320, Classical Guitars (Buying, Care, Maintenence). However, many of the mistakes made in the piece can be attributed to right hand fingerings even if the more obvious problem is in the left hand. 122 Pages. As quicker tempos, some use of the extensor muscles has to come into play. I started as a folk guitarist, then fell in love with classical guitar in my 20’s. A lesson on right hand articulation for classical guitar covering how to play legato, staccato, pizzicato, and chords (playing solid, rolled, strummed, and rasgueado chords). Scales are tools that can dramatically improve your overall technique. Daily Scales for Classical Guitar. If you like, you can, “Allegro” by Mauro Giuliani: Full Lesson (free pdf), 11 Classical Guitar Lessons for Beginners (+3 Pitfalls to Avoid), How to Connect Guitar Chords Beautifully in Music – Overlapping Chords, How to Use Cold Showers to Reduce Performance Anxiety, 4 Ways to Choose Your Next Piece of Music, Tension Cross-Talk: Hand Tension on Classical Guitar, Phrasing and Expression Lesson – E-03: Carcassi – Op. When you memorize a piece (or anything, really), your brain forms connections, and creates a “formula” to recall it. 2019 Edition. Shifts; Fixed fingers; In Summary. Many classical guitar pieces, played up to tempo (at speed) are so complex, that there is only one combination and order with which the right hand can make it work.

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